Eric Van Steenburg, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship
Montana State University


Advertising Management - Undergraduate course focused on Integrated Marketing Communications.

Buyer Behavior - Course introducing consumer behavior to undergraduates.

Brand Management - Upper level undergraduate course focused on branding.

Nonprofit Marketing - Upper level elective applying principles of marketing to a nonprofit context.


Comparing consumer recall of product-focused banner ads versus brand-focused banner ads using elaboration likelihood model's (ELM) need for cognition (NFC) as a theoretical foundation. Delivered at AMA Winter.

Qualitative analysis of advertising campaign created by Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) relying on literary critique methods (Stern 1989, 1991) and terror management theory (TMT). Delivered at SMA.

Invited by Sports Marketing Association to discuss my career in sports as a journalist and marketer, and provide advice on how to be successful in that industry.

Comparing copyright and patent law in an online setting using music to make my point. Delivered as part of an undergraduate course in globalization, technology, and communications.

I was once told there is a special place in heaven for nonprofit executive directors. When asked to present the role of an executive director to a public relations course for nonprofits, I tried to convey that idea.
Visual Rhetoric:

Photography project examining the racial divide between North Dallas and South Dallas by observing riders on the DART Red Line train as it travels toward Downtown on a Tuesday morning.
Radio Appearance:

Guest appearance on "Think with Krys Boyd," a radio show on KERA-FM 90.1, discussing a new bicycle plan for the City of Dallas. Click on the play button to hear the show.

Newspaper Columns:

Opinion pieces published in the Dallas Morning News during my stint as a community voices columnist:

  • "Our Growing Highway Addiction: Our first step must be to admit there's a problem. We'll need to take many steps after that - one foot after the other."

Persuasive Communications:

A short chapter in a book by urban planning expert Mia Birk about implementing a new plan in Dallas for bicycles and pedestrians. The chapter highlights my efforts to persuade people to support our plan. Simply click on the book cover to read.

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